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  • Lactic acid 80%

Lactic acid 80%

Lactic acid content: 80.0%,Min
Stereochemical purity: 97.0% Min
Color(fresh): 35 APHA, Max
Iron: 5 ppm, Max
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Lactic acid 80%

Lactic acid 80% heatable is a high L(+)and natural lactic acid , its coloration does not exceed 50 Hazen after being heated for two hours at 200°C.

-Chemical name: 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid

-Standard: Food grade FCC

-Appearance: Liquid

-Color: Clear

-Odor: almost odorless

-Solubility: Freely soluble in water

-Molecular formula: C3H6O3

-Molecular weight: 90.08 g/mol

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Lactic acid content, % Min.80.0 80.5 Arsenic, ppm Max.1 <1
Sterechemical purity, % Min.97.0 99.0 Mercury, ppm Max.0.5 <0.5
Color(fresh solution), APHA Max.50 40 Calcium Passes test Passes test
Chloride(CI), ppm Max.20 <20 Cyanide, ppm Max.5 <5
Sulphate(SO4), ppm Max.50 <50 Methanol, % Max.0.2 <0.2
Iron, ppm Max.10 <10 Reducing sugars Passes test Passes test
Sulphated ash, % Max.0.1 <0.1 Easy carbon compound Passes test Passes test
Heavy metals as Pb, ppm Max.10 <10 Solubility in ether Passes test Passes test
Lead, ppm Max.0.5 <0.5 Citrate, oxalate, phosphate, tartaric acid Passes test Passes test


Application area:Food & Beverage, Meat, Seafood, Cakes, Confectionery, Other industries.

Typical applications:It serve as an effective preservative in products such as soft drinks, confectioneries, meat, seafood, and dairy products.

Packing & Delivery

Individual 20' container Product Net Weight
25 kg PE dum 880 drums/20' container 22,000 kgs
250 kg PE drum 80 drums/20' container 20,000 kgs
1200 IBC tank 18 drums/20' container 21,600 kgs
  • 25 kg PE drum

  • 250 kg PE drum

  • 1200 IBC tank

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