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  • Calcium Lactate Gluconate

Calcium Lactate Gluconate

Assay calcium: 12.5-13.5% w/w
Loss on drying: 5.0-10.0% w/w
Acidity (as lactic acid): max .0.45% w/w
PH 5% (cold solution, 20°C): 6.0-8.0
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Calcium Lactate Gluconate

The product is a mixture of calcium lactate & calcium gluconate in the form of a white,free flowing powder which is odorless and practically tasteless.

-Chemical name: Calcium Lactate Gluconate

-Standard: Food grade FCC

-Appearance: Powder

-Color: White

-Odor: odorless

-Solubility: easily soluble in water

-Molecular formula: (C3H5O3)2Ca, (C6H12O7)2Ca

-Molecular weight: 218 g/mol (calcium lactate) , 430.39 g/mol (calcium gluconate)

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Assay calcium, % 12.5-13.5 12.88 Mercury, ppm Max.1 <1
Loss on drying, % 5.0-10.0 6.23 Arsenic, ppm Max.1.5 <1.5
Acidity(as lactic acid)% Max.0.45 0.31 Chloride, ppm Max.50 <50
pH(5% v/v solution, 20℃) 6.0-8.0 6.81 Fluoride, ppm Max.15 <15
Heavy metals as Pb, ppm Max.10 <10 Magnesium and alkali salts, % Max.0.5 <0.5
Lead, ppm Max.1 <1 Volatile fatty acids Passes test Passes test


Application area:Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health products.

Calcium Lactate Gluconate, also known as calcium lacto gluconate (CLG), is a product used for calcium fortification in food and beverages. CLG is a mixture of the commonly used calcium sources calcium lactate and calcium gluconate.
The characteristics of high solubility and neutral taste allow for applications in a wide range of products. It has the highest solubility of all commonly used calcium salts, which is the main functional advantage of this product.
It also provides a neutral taste, even at high concentrations. This is especially important for food applications, where high calcium levels must be obtained without negative influence on taste properties of the fortified product.
With a taste of less sour, it is a great source of a high dose of Calcium up to 13.5% and is used very often as a food and drink additive for this reason.

Packing & Delivery

Individual Pallet 20' container Product
Net Weight
25kg/bag 30 bags/wood pallet 600 bags, 20 wood
pallets/20' container
15,000 kg
25kg/fibre drum 18 fibre drums
/wood pallet
360 fibre drums,
20 wood pallets/20' container
9,000 kg
20kg/carton box bottom layer: 32 carton
boxes/wood pallet;
upper stacking layer:
32 carton box/wood pallet
Total 640 carton boxes,
20 wood pallets/20' container
(bottom layer: 320 carton
boxes, 10 wood pallets;
upper stacking layer: 320 carton
boxes, 10 wood pallets)
12,800 kg
  • 25 kg bag pack

    Inside lined with food grade PE bag

  • 25 kg fibre drum

    inside with food grade PE bag 

  • 20 kg carton box

    5 layers corrugated cardboard box with inside food grade PE bag

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