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  • Buffered Lactic Acid

Buffered Lactic Acid

Color (fresh): max. 50 Apha
Stereochemical purity (L-isomer): min. 95 %
Heavy metal: max. 10 ppm
Chloride: max. 10 ppm
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Buffered Lactic Acid

Honghui brand Buffered Lactic acid is a mixture of L-Lactic acid and L-Sodium lactate. It's a colorless slightly viscous liquid with an acid taste, odorless or slightly special smell. It has the characteristics of both lactic acid and sodium lactate.

-Chemical name: Buffered Lactic acid

-Standard: FCC, JECFA

-Appearance: Slightly viscous liquid

-Color: Clear

-Odor: odorless or slightly special smell

-Solubility: easily soluble in water

-Molecular formula: CH3CHOHCOOH, CH3CHOHCOONa

-Molecular weight: 190.08 g/mol, 112.06 g/mol

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Buffer lactic acid, % Min.80.0 80.3 Sulfate, ppm Max.20 <20
Lactic acid, % 58.0-62.0 60.14 Iron, ppm Max.5 <5
pH(20% v/v solution) 2.80-3.20 2.91 Heavy ,etals as Pb, ppm Max.10 <10
Color(fresh solution), Hazen Max.50 40 Lead, ppm Max.2 <2
Chloride, ppm Max.50 <50 Arsenic, ppm Max.2 <2


Application area:Food, Beverage, Meat, Confectionary, Other industries.

Typical applications:As it has the dual characteristics of Lactic acid and Sodium lactate, it can be used as sour agent widely used in Food and Beverage field with special buffer capacity and PH regulating capacity.
It’s used in sugar confectionery to provide an acid taste without inversion of the sugar, which occurs at lower pH.

Packing & Delivery

Individual 20' container Product Net Weight
25 kg PE dum 880 drums/20' container 22,000 kgs
250 kg PE drum 80 drums/20' container 20,000 kgs
1200 IBC tank 18 drums/20' container 21,600 kgs
  • 25 kg PE drum

  • 250 kg PE drum

  • 1200 IBC tank

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