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Lactic Acid Powder for Bread | Healthiness and Low Sodium

One of lactate series products, lactic acid powder which is applied in breads can boost the fermentation and make the breads obtain good texture. Sodium lactate powder can be also added in breads. However, more and more people significantly advance low sodium with their living standards improving. Food suppliers will replace sodium lactate powder with lactic acid powder to reduce the sodium content in foods.

Lactic acid powder is mainly used as compound acidity regulator. Lactic acid powder is added into foods to regulate the acidity and shorten the fermentation time, thus, enhance the production ratio. Food manufacturers would choose yeast to achieve the objective. Some additives like yeast, to be applied, must be used within an appropriate range. The effect will not good if the fermentation time is short with lower dosage; and bread dough will be sour if the dosage is more, which influences the taste of breads. Furthermore, cost is a lot with yeast utilizing. Lactic acid powder is a mixture of lactic acid and calcium lactate. Therefore, you can obtain lactic acid taste and calcium supplement. Lactic acid powder, which is one of featured products of Honghui Biotechnology, is applied in breads to adjust pH and reduce the fermentation time as acidity regulator. The product is no any harm while maintains the fermentation volume of breads.

Lactic acid powder will restrain mould and thus prolong the breads’ self-life. The storage time of breads is short and breads are easy to be bad, especially in hot weather. The mortified breads must be wasted. Therefore, bread manufacturers think to use lactic acid powder to save cost and inhibit the mould in breads. Dealt with mould, the self-life of bread will be extended.

Many people advocate low sodium. Lactic acid powder will realize the needs with salt taste in bread still. The flavor, texture, volume, structure and self-life of breads will be trended forward good way.

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